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Water Softener Installation

Trusted Water Softener Installation, Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance

Have you noticed white droplet stains on your dishes after cleaning them? Is your hair or skin particularly dry? Consider water softener installation from Plumber Near Me.

Plumber Near Me expertly installs and repairs water softeners in Barnegat NJ. With years of experience and hundreds of happy customers throughout Barnegat, NJ, and the surrounding communities, we guarantee skillful plumbing services at an affordable price. Our plumbers are happy to serve our customers and strive to provide 5-star customer service while completing every project — no matter how big or small.

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What Does a Water Softener System Do?

“Hard water” is a term that plumbers use to describe water with a high concentration of dissolved calcium and magnesium. To soften the water, the water softener system runs hard water through resin beads. These beads then attract the minerals and thus remove them from the water. The system then allows the new soft water to run through your pipes on-demand and into your faucets, shower, and other plumbing systems.

Benefits of Installing Water Softeners in Barnegat, NJ

The benefits of water softener installation include:
Reduce built-up lime on plumbing fixtures

Because hard water carries a high concentration of magnesium and calcium, these minerals can easily build up over time on your plumbing fixtures. This limescale/mineral build-up can cause your fixtures to rust and leak over time, meaning that eliminating these minerals is the best option to extend the lifetime of these fixtures.

Soften your clothing

When washing your clothes with hard water, the minerals can affect the softness of the fabric.

Reduce dry skin and hair issues

If you have problems with dry skin or scalp, your hard water may cause the issue. These minerals can contribute to dry skin and dandruff, meaning a water softener can greatly help those who suffer from these issues.

Extend the lifetime of your plumbing system and equipment

The minerals from hard water can build up over time in your pipes, boiler, and other appliances. The build-up of these minerals will eventually destroy the interior of your plumbing, causing frequent problems and failures within the system.

Eliminate stains on your dishware

If after cleaning your dishes they still appear cloudy, dirty, or stained, your hard water is the problem. Invest in water-softening equipment to ensure that your dishes are always sparkling.

Enjoy water that tastes good

The minerals in hard water can affect the taste of what comes out of your faucet. Ensure the highest quality of drinking water by installing a water softener system!

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Water Softener Installation

Signs You Should Install Water Softening Equipment

Common signs that you need to install water softeners in Barnegat, NJ include:
Malfunctioning water heater

If your boiler has started to malfunction or requires frequent cleaning and repairs, your water is the likely culprit.

Stains or limescale on fixtures

If you notice white grime building up on your plumbing fixtures or on the grout between your tiles, it is likely the residue from your hard water.

Glass breaking frequently

Hard water can wear out glassware and cause it to become brittle. This majorly affects particularly delicate and fancy pieces.

Faded laundry

If the pigment in your clothes has begun to fade prematurely, hard water is likely the cause.

Why You Should Hire Plumber Near Me to Install Your Water Softener

If you attempt water softener installation by yourself, you could severely damage your plumbing system. Plumbing installation is highly complex, and our crew members go through years of training to learn how to install and repair plumbing properly. If you attempt to install a water softener by yourself, you could cost yourself thousands of dollars in repairs in the long run.

Allowing a professional to install your water softening system meets the terms of your warranty. So, if there is a system failure within the warranty period, the manufacturer may replace your water softener for free. Without professional installation, the manufacturer may not guarantee your warranty.

Water Softener Repair and Inspections

Along with installation, we also perform water softener repairs and inspections. If your water softener has started to malfunction, the plumbers at Plumber Near Me can both diagnose and fix the problem. We can also perform the following inspections to ensure that your system runs optimally:
Water Softener Installation

Barnegat, NJ's Premier Water Softener Installation and Repair Company

If you are ready to install water softeners in Barnegat, NJ, contact Plumber Near Me. We are a locally owned and operated company that takes pride in serving our neighbors and friends with high-quality plumbing services. Call our expert team at 609-618-6836 today!

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