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Drain Cleaning

Get your system functioning optimally again

Your drains are like your residence’s circulatory system, ejecting waste from your home. Keep them working efficiently with regular drain cleaning in Barnegat!

No one ever knows what’s happening within their pipes. Even after symptoms of clogs and regurgitated wastewater make it evident that there’s a problem, residents still have plenty of questions, from “what caused this?” to “how can I prevent it in the future?”

At Plumber Near Me, our over ten years of experience can answer all your questions. For a five-star-rated drain cleaning service in Barnegat, NJ, trust our licensed team, top-notch customer service, and workmanship that’ll get your system functioning optimally again.

The primary reason behind drain clogs

Many residents think it’s a given that they can dump nearly anything into their sink, especially if they have a garbage disposal. They also believe a powerful flush of a toilet or plunged shower drain is enough to clear plumbing lines. Unfortunately, most of the products and waste that enter your system have adverse effects on the pipes, mandating a repair or, if you wait too long, a replacement.

For instance, in the shower or tub, anything from loose hair to thick remains of shampoo and conditioner stick to the inner part of your drain walls. In your kitchen sink, greasy and fatty foods, vegetable peels, and dirt from plant care create a blocking layer, restricting water flow. Even disposing of flushable wipes, excessive toilet paper, diapers, and sanitary napkins in your toilet bowl may affect all household drains.

If you have a small clog in the drainpipe or traps, alleviating the issue is as simple as grabbing a plunger or unscrewing the curved P-trap and emptying the debris, if accessible. However, are you noticing any occurrences uniformly across your entire household? The problem is likely in the main drain, which connects all your residence’s drainpipes before moving waste into the sewer main for disposal.

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Ceiling and Wall Drain Pipe

When do you need a drain cleaning plumber to step in?

Upon noticing any of the following signs of drain issues, contact an expert:

Pooling water

You’ll notice poor drainage when standing in the shower as gray water pools at your feet. Likewise, a toilet that doesn’t flush remains and a sink that allows standing water to remain long after you turn the faucet off is a headache, especially if they all act up simultaneously. If this happens, it’s time to call for a professional drain cleaning service in Barnegat, NJ.


The only thing worse than having dirty water not go down the drain is having it go down and then resurface. When flushing a toilet, gray water from any fixture or appliance, whether a toilet, sink, tub, washing machine, or dishwasher, reverses flow and comes out of any drain. That means human waste can reach you when showering or brushing your teeth.

Sewer odors

It’s safe to say backups lead to a sewer or waste odor infiltrating your house, but it’s not always the root source of the smell. Clogs cause decomposing organic matter and growing bacteria to produce odors within any part of your home. They also strain pipes to crack, sometimes swamping floors or lawns and spreading the smell.

Bubbling noises

Gurgling occurs with main drain clogs, whether or not the given fixture is in use. Sometimes, when one water appliance is running, like a shower or dishwasher, others make percolating sounds, needing a drain cleaning plumber’s assistance.

What happens during a drain clearing service?

Not all clogs are the same, meaning an expert needs to inspect the issue and implement a unique drain-cleaning solution. The most common drain clearing service includes snaking the pipes by twisting an extending, coiling wire into the drains to either break up the obstruction or pull it out using the hook at the end. We use the latest equipment and a careful eye on your plumbing.

If this doesn’t do the trick, we get tougher blockages by shooting up to 20 gallons of water each minute into the system. By flushing the debris out with a maximum of 5000 psi (pounds per square inch), the clog breaks apart and enters the sewer system. Afterward, we may snake the drain for further insurance before moving on to the next step in our cleaning service, which includes the following steps:
Snaking a fiber optic camera down the pipes allows us to inspect their inner walls visually in real-time. We check for smaller blockages so we can take care of them immediately before they create similar problems down the line, alongside the condition of your pipes. We note separation along the seams, bellied pipes, cracks, and deterioration.
If we notice natural blockages like tree roots during the camera inspection, it means the roots penetrated the pipes through cracks while looking for moisture. These damaged pipes need replacing to keep water from flowing into and weakening your foundation while running up your water bill. We’ll dig up the roots and cut them before fixing the pipes.
When pipe repairs become necessary, we use one of three methods to fix the system, depending on the most fitting choice and your preference. Trenchless repairs, like pipe bursting and slip lining, require minimal demolition. Pipe rerouting requires breaking into your concrete, and tunneling goes below your foundation, keeping your slab intact, but each takes a few days.

Our drain cleaning company’s tips for clearer pipes

While scheduling a drain cleaning service in Barnegat, NJ, every two years is vital for keeping your pipes in top shape, you can prevent regular repairs with some DIY tips from our drain cleaning company.

First, don’t rush to call a plumber if you suspect the restriction of a clog to one appliance or fixture. For instance, if your toilet isn’t properly flushing, but your sink and shower show no unusual signs, try plunging or snaking the drainpipe yourself. You may fix the issue with this one simple step.

If you’re unsure how to conduct these methods safely for toilet clogs, we highly suggest the non-abrasive solution of boiling water on your stove and pouring it into the bowl from hip level to ensure the water mixes deep into the drain. Wait about an hour or until the water cools before flushing, and the heat will break down buildups.

This next method you can use not only in your toilet bowl but also for the shower, sink, and tub drains. Create a natural cleaning liquid solution by pouring a cup of baking soda directly into the problematic drain before adding a cup of white vinegar. Use a stopper or another object to cover the drain opening, and, after half an hour, use hot water to flush it down.

Drain Pipe Cleaning

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