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Slab Leak Repair

Stop leaks today; protect your property from slab leaks and more.

Do you need slab leak repair in Barnegat, NJ? If a dripping faucet is alarming for the obnoxious plopping sounds and detrimental to the water bill, imagine a cracked pipe that dribbles out twice as much but goes unnoticed for weeks or months.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, one in ten households will experience an underground leak that spouts 90 gallons of wasted water daily. Thankfully, you can avoid being part of this statistic with Plumber Near Me’s comprehensive services.

What is a slab leak?

A slab leak occurs beneath your home’s slabs or foundation, originating from the supply or drain pipes running underneath your property. Depending on the cause, the leak may range in size and spread over time. There are some obvious signs, and these can’t wait if you want to safeguard the building’s structural integrity.
Primary Causes of a Slab Leak

Piping material, from PVC to brass and cast iron, carries a lifespan ranging from 25 years to slightly over 100 years. If you have a historic home or haven’t checked the piping in a while, the wear and tear might be extensive. This damage causes the materials to deteriorate faster and leads to cracks and gaps in the seams.

Have your property’s pipes recently undergone replacements? Faulty installation could be the culprit. However, slab leaks also occur in the following cases :

  • Sediment: When sediment builds up on the pipe walls from natural sand, gravel, clay, rust, and chemicals, it causes pinhole-like cracks.
  • Wet soil. The sandy soil of Barnegat shifts dramatically during heavy rainfall, leading to erosion that repositions pipes. The movement can damage or disconnect the piping system.
  • Movement. The foundation shifts as the concrete slab splits or ruptures from heavy weights or constant use.

Signs You Have a Slab Leak

Since the above issues happen below ground level, it might feel like it is impossible to decipher a slab leak without scheduling regular maintenance and pipe inspections every two years. However, certain symptoms indicate a worsening problem that can’t wait long for comprehensive slab leak repair in Barnegat, NJ. For example, the concrete floor in your basement will show a few telltale signs of running water below the surface. Are there long and winding cracks or broken-off and elevated sections pointing to shifting? It may have already affected the pipe system. If it isn’t that far along, you may still notice warmer spots on the surface. Water affects the material’s temperature, which you can use to determine the leak’s likely location. You may also notice the following:

  • Running water heater. A hot water heater runs after you use the hot water to shower or run your washing machine to fill the pipes again. If it is running when you have not just used the water, a leak may be causing extra water loss.
  • Moving water meter. A water meter reacts to running water. If it’s constantly running, you’re losing water somewhere.
  • Rushing water sound. Sometimes, you don’t need a device to tell you water is escaping. You’ll hear rushing water through the floor or vibrating within your walls.
  • Dampness. Damp floors or outdoor lawns and concrete walkways point to a leak. They will also smell moldy or musty after a few days or weeks.
In all cases, professionals like Plumber Near Me may consider hydrojetting as an effective solution.

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Slab Leak Repair - Plumber Near Me

How does drain cleaning work?

Are sediments or foreign objects causing clogs, cracks, and leaks? Call an experienced technician.

After Plumbing

Once we complete the plumbing, our professionals snake the pipes to eradicate all clogs and send a camera through to inspect the pipes’ condition.

If you need a repair, we select one of the following three options:
Trenchless slab repair methods. Cured-in-place pipelining, slip lining, and pipe bursting allow leak repairs with minor demolition within one visit.

Pipe rerouting. It takes a few days, but we sometimes need to break into floors or walls to replace broken pipes.

Tunneling. Making tunnels keeps floors and walls intact. Our expert digs beneath your foundation to get to the pipes.

Call for drain cleaning near me today!

When it comes to water lines and sewers, pipe care is vital. Detecting leaks early will also keep the foundation sturdy, water bills low, and pipes secure. If you want drain cleaning near me, you need Plumber Near Me!

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