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Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

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If you’re looking to install a water filtration system in your home, you may be considering the benefits of reverse osmosis systems. Before making a decision, you need to know what reverse osmosis does and how it improves the water in your home.

At Plumber Near Me, we understand that figuring out your water filtration needs and options may be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to offer some guidance. We’re experts on reverse osmosis water treatment in Barnegat, NJ, and we want to help you decide if reverse osmosis is right for you.

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a proven effective technology used to produce healthy, purified water for your home. The process demineralizes water by forcing it through a semi-permeable membrane called a reverse osmosis membrane.

The process of osmosis happens when water with a lower concentration of solids (such as minerals) naturally migrates toward water with a higher concentration of solids. Reverse osmosis acts in reverse, meaning that it uses energy to force water with a higher concentration of solids through a semi-permeable membrane, straining out the contaminants. The membrane allows water molecules through, but blocks larger molecules, ultimately producing ultra-filtered water.
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Reverse Osmosis System

Benefits of reverse osmosis water filters

Reverse osmosis removes up to 99% of minerals, particles, organics, bacteria, and heavy metals from your water. Even if you already have a water filter or softener in your home, a whole house reverse osmosis system still provides several benefits.
Better-Tasting Water and Food

If your water tastes “off” or emits an unpleasant odor, your family may not enjoy drinking it. Additionally, preparing food using tap water may also affect how the dish tastes, giving it a flavor of fluoride. Reverse osmosis systems produce clean, odor-free water that won’t change the flavor of a meal and may actually encourage your family to drink more water.

Reduces Buildup of Scale and Minerals

By filtering out the magnesium and calcium found in high concentrations in hard water, reverse osmosis filters help reduce issues caused by excess minerals in the water. Scale and mineral buildup not only leaves hard-to-clean grime behind but may also build up to a point where it clogs your pipes or affects the performance of your appliances.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Ease of installation depends on if you choose to put a reverse osmosis filter on one sink or install a whole house reverse osmosis system. An experienced plumber familiar with reverse osmosis water treatment in Barnegat, NJ, does both.

Your plumber may also help you decide which system best fits your needs. Maintenance typically only requires occasional filter changes to ensure your system continues to work properly.

Environmentally Friendly and Saves Money

Utilizing a reverse osmosis filter in your home helps the environment by reducing the number of single-use plastic bottles that you purchase. Additionally, while the upfront cost of a reverse osmosis system may be more, you’ll no longer need to buy bottled water, saving money in the long run.

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If you want to install a reverse osmosis water filter in your home, look no further than Plumber Near Me. Our experience providing reverse osmosis water treatment in Barnegat, NJ, and the surrounding areas means you receive best-in-class plumbing services every time. In fact, we offer a wide variety of plumbing services, from installation to repair and maintenance, we do it all.

For high-quality plumbing services and exceptional customer care, call us at Plumber Near Me today at 609-618-6836 for a free estimate on a reverse osmosis water filter.

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