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Whether it’s a big leak or small, when your pipe bursts, you have an emergency. To prevent further damage and costly water usage, call a plumber immediately!

Plumber Near Me provides high-quality water leak repair in Toms River, NJ. What makes us Toms River’s number one choice?

  • Experience: We’ve been in business for over ten years, and in that time, we’ve seen every type of plumbing problem. 
  • Reputation: We have over 300 five-star reviews, proving just how good our service and expertise are. If you have doubts about why we’re the best, just read our customer testimonials!
  • Expertise: We train our certified technicians to achieve the best results in the industry. They undergo continuing education so they stay current on the latest products and plumbing proceduresThere’s no problem they can’t find a solution for.
  • Service: We offer emergency repair so you mitigate any risk of more severe damage. Our technicians are always prompt and friendly. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, so you’ll have no problem receiving the best value for your money.

When you need a leaky pipe fixed, contact Plumber Near Me immediately. Call us at (609) 913-2656 to schedule an appointment today!

Signs You Have a Water Leak

Depending on where your water leak occurs, you might not realize you have a problem. Look for these subtle signs you have a pipe leak somewhere in your house.

  • Increased water bills: If you notice your water bill increasing without using more water, it’s a sure sign a leaky pipe is using more water than intended. Compare your bill with one from the same month the previous year to determine how significant the increase is.
  • A running water meter: Your water should read a static number when you’re not using water. If you notice it ticking even with no running water, it’s a clear sign a professional has a leak to find.
  • Unpleasant smells: A leak in your water supply can cause several foul odors because they cause pooling water and mold or mildew growth. If you notice a musty smell, call a plumber to find and repair the leak.
  • Visible water or damage: Leaks can cause visible or invisible water damage. If you notice pooling water, wet floors, or staining and discoloration, a leaking pipe is the likely culprit.
  • Structural issues: Depending on where your leak occurs, it can cause damage to your walls, ceiling, floor, or foundation. If you notice new cracks or your existing figures worsen, you likely have a leak.

If you notice any of these signs, call a plumber immediately, as it will only get more severe. Left alone, even minor leaks cause poor water pressure and risk your health and property.

Plumber Near Me Service Van
Plumber Near Me Service Van

About Toms River, NJ

Why do we continue providing water leak repair in Toms River, NJ? We love our community and love providing comfort so our landmarks and attractions can continue functioning. But why do we love Toms River?

Situated less than an hour from Atlantic City and an hour and a half from both Philadelphia and New York, you can’t find a better location. With restaurants and resorts built right along the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll never lack a beach day or waterfront view.

Toms River has an attraction for every interest. Both Insectropolis and the Robert J. Novins Planetarium provide a firm science foundation with plenty of fun. The Cattus Island County Park offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the outdoors.

Our dining opportunities range from Il Giardinello to Burger 25. Whether you’re looking for an amazing flight of beer at Toms River Brewing or a sandwich at Wavershak’s Deli, you’ll satisfy your cravings.

Contact Plumber Near Me for Water Leak Repairs in Toms River, NJ

Don’t subject yourself to the massive damage a leaky pipe can cause. Whether your pipes are gushing water or you hear a slow drip behind your walls, consider it an emergency.

Who should you call? Plumber Near Me is the number one provider of water leak repair in Toms River, NJ. When you need an emergency plumber, we’re there with prompt, friendly, reliable, and expert service.

We take our reputation seriously, and with over 300 five-star reviews, Toms River confirms that our efforts are paying off. We want to keep the community safe, comfortable, and healthy, and they greatly appreciate our service.

We want the chance to prove why we’re the best plumbers in town. Will you be our next five-star review? Call us at (609) 913-2656 to schedule an appointment today!

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